Scent, Agility & Trick Training 



Scent work for dogs can be purely for fun but a lot of people are now starting to compete in scent work trials nationwide. whether you want to compete or to do it for fun scent work can be amazing for your dog. The magic of scent work is that any dog and owner can do it, regardless of the dogs age, breed, fitness level or experience of their owner. Its open to all and has benefits such as:

  • Providing a mental workout
  • Helping dogs de stress
  • Boosting a dogs confidence & optimism
  • Building an owner bond
  • Helps with a dogs self control

This makes it great for Rescue, Reactive or Nervous dogs. Get in touch with us to see how you can easily bring scent work into your dogs life!


Agility provides fantastic exercise and fun for your dog. Agility challenges your dog both physically and mentally. It is a great way to improve your dogs fitness, co ordination, balance and overall well being. 

Agility gives your dog an outlet for excess energy whilst keeping us fit at the same time!

Whether you want to take agility seriously or just enjoy fun with your dog let us teach you the basics and help you on your way. This sport brings a fun social aspect into you and your dogs lives and smiles are guaranteed!


Not only is trick training fun to do and to show off with, it helps your dog to develop patience. Trick training helps you to work with your dog during distractions and also get rid of some excess energy. We can help boost your dogs confidence and concentration through fun trick training.



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